The Next Crypto Scam: An NFT Game Console

Of course, no video games have been announced for it yet

Jacob Bergdahl


A 3D render of what Polium’s console might look like — should it ever become released. Photo by Polium.

The NFT community will never cease to amaze me with their ludicrous attempts at sweeping more money from the easily manipulated youth. As if the mere existence of NFT-powered video games isn’t ridiculous enough — I mean, they offer literally no advantage over traditional video games besides providing developers with an argument to sell extremely overpriced downloadable content — you can soon do so on a dedicated video game console.

Well, presuming it is ever released.

A company called Polium just introduced what they’re calling “[a] multi-chain console for Web 3 [g]aming.” It’s a video game console called Polium One. The company claims that it will allow consumers to play Web 3.0 games more efficiently, using only one crypto wallet.

That’s great. If you’re already deep in the financial dark hole that is NFT gaming, why not dig yourself even deeper by pre-ordering a console dedicated to it?

And yes, while no price point has been announced yet, they will be taking pre-orders before the console’s release. Polium aims to sell over a million units, which is a very ambitious goal for a console that doesn’t even have any games announced yet.

That’s right. Not a single game has been announced for the console, which is quite unusual as a console announcement usually goes hand-in-hand with at least a couple of video game announcements.

Polium tweeted that “Games on Solana, Ethereum, ImmutableX, BNB, Harmony, WAX, Polygon, and EOS. Devs will receive an SDK to make the games compatible with the console.” That’s great, except none of these developers will ever bother to put in all of the effort required to integrate a random SDK into their code base.

Everything about the console sounds and looks like absolute nonsense.

I haven’t even gotten to the part about the logo yet, which is clearly a rip-off of Nintendo’s GameCube game console.